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About the Author

James L. Robbins (Jim) was born in Wichita and attended Wichita State University, where he obtained a Master's Degree in Geology. Jim began his career in the oil and gas industry as a geophysicist with Exxon in Oklahoma City. Later assignments with Exxon included stops in Houston and New Orleans. Subsequently, he worked for Slawson Exploration in Wichita and then started his own exploration company (Kanex), which he continues to own and operate today.


Jim volunteers at a number of elementary schools in the Wichita area, helping 1st-3rd grade students learn to enjoy reading and writing. In recent years, he has developed a "curriculum" in which he visits each classroom about seven times a year. Throughout these visits, the students learn about what goes into the making of a book and learn how to answer Jim's constant question of "What happens next?" Jim also has several classrooms that he goes to and, with the help of the students, writes a short book. During the seventeen year period of this program, Jim has co-written nearly sixty books, having been assisted by over 1,400 young authors.


Jim and his wife Linda have been married for over 40 years, and they have two married daughters, Stephanie (Wichita) and Nicole (Portland, OR), both of whom are attorneys. Linda and Jim presently have five grandchildren: Ava, Hayden, Whitney, Jackson, and Wyatt.


About Winterset, LLC


Winterset, LLC was established in 2010 to accomplish the following objectives:


1) Promote a greater understanding within elementary school children of the processes of creating a book.

Specifically, to better acquaint these children about the writing of books, the illustration of books, and the printing and publishing of books. This is accomplished via classroom visits by Winterset personnel and also by information provided on our website.


2) Promote a greater appreciation of the weather and weather-related subjects within elementary school children.

Specifically, to better acquaint these children with information about weather phenomena and weather process. Also, Winterset provides information about how much weather affects our daily lives. These objectives are accomplished via classroom visits by Winterset personnel and also by information on our website.


3) Promote and market books authored by James L. Robbins, as well as promote and market ancillary products associated with those books.

About Skytalking


This website is chock-full of ideas and activities that will get your students excited about reading! We have many different types will make it easy for Aristotle and Burgoo to be apart of other subjects.


Along with these activities your students will be exposed to the wonderful characters from the books The Remarkable Friendship of Aristotle & Burgoo and Aristotle & Burgoo and the Ditto-Flake-Flu by Jim Robbins. They will get to know Aristotle and his best friend Burgoo along with all the other characters in the book. Explore the different resources and activities that can make reading fun and easy!


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